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Web Application Development

Amal-Group is a firm that partially specializes in web design, development, e-commerce, custom applications and UX. The innovative team from Amal-Group consists of expert strategists, creators and thinkers that strive to create eye-catching and effective products. Amal-Group works with distinct brands and startups of all sizes to create digital products. They have unmatchable talent at building new products, creating prototypes and rebuilding older applications for their clients. We also only uses the greatest, most appropriate tools for each of their client’s projects. Amal-Group works with distinct brands and startups of all sizes to create digital product. No matter wherever you operate your business from, if you want to reach your customers with ease in affordable price, it is a good idea to have a website for your business. As the internet has become a major source of communication with you customer to sell your product and services, your website plays a significant role in your selling. To boost up your sales, we offer wide range of web development services to you. We have a team of highly experienced web developers and website designers working in the industry for years and we deliver the professional website solution to match the exact requirements according to the nature of business. Static Website Dynamic website with Content Management System eCommerce sitesfreelancer_opensource_joomla Domain Registration Web hosting

Our Skills
Web Design 90 84%
HTML/CSS 95 96%
Graphic Design 85 85%
WordPress 75 94%

Web Development Procedures

Identification of Requirements

The first step of the Custom Web Application Development starts with a vital interaction with your company so as to successively generate a copy of your requirements and ideas about them. This should work as an important part for the next step that we take.

Analysis and Research

Does your requirements remain within the limits of Custom Web Application Development and are they big enough to return you a multiplied sum of benefit? This question should arise in order to get the answer for the very following step.

Concept and Design

These two things are really hard to grab perfectly as they change very frequently and instantly adapt themselves with the latest development updates. Concept and design should be unique and effective, and in the meantime, should also be able to remain valid for long term basis.

Application Development

This process that we have always been waiting for. Now, the development of your custom web application is initialized, as per every information you provide and every requirement that your organization seeks for.

Final Touch and Testing Phase

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For custom web application development at Amal-Consulting, We help you with concept, design and expansion at the very core level of its development. Our expertise and comprehension creates a user – friendly customized, exciting mobile applications.